First of all, In case you were wondering this is the start of a new storyline. That’s right. It’s about an evil chair. That’s actually sort of based on real life, but I forget why exactly we all thought Adam had an evil chair. I’m sure Nathan can remember, but I forget. I just remember its PRESENCE.

The words "I Called It" will suffice.

Anyway, like I said Mint Condition has been featured in an article over on Comic Attack. Webcomic of the Month is a monthly article that’s featured over there. I was contacted earlier this week to be a part of it, and I was pretty honored I must say. Not only does he write about Mint Condition, I also took part in a fairly long interview, so be sure to check it out. Here’s hoping the article brings in some new readers.

Next, let’s talk about Captain America. Specifically, the movie. I just noticed the other day what Captain America’s costume will look like in the movie. Now, I think it looks GREAT. The thing is though, I already customized a movie concept Captain America a couple of years ago that looks almost exactly like this.

Now I’m not saying it’s 100% like the movie costume (for instance I got rid of the big “A” on his forehead and the colors on mine are a bit more muted and gritty), but it’s pretty darn close, right down to the obligatory buckles and straps running vertically down either side of his chest. It’s funny actually, because originally I only added those for extra detail. My thinking was in the movie they’d probably throw in random crap like that just to add stuff to the costume…oh how right I was.

Now I’m not saying they stole the look from me, I’m just saying it feels good to have pretty much gotten his movie look down. I feel kinda awesome. And it makes me really excited about the Captain America movie. He is one of my favorite Marvel characters after all.

Oh, and I deserve money. Just sayin’.

Next, I just wanted to put a reminder out there about my current custom action figures up for auction on eBay. They’re, ya know…there. So again, if you’re interested check them out. They end in a couple of days.