First of all, let me say I’m really tempted to go back and rename this storyline Beelzebub’s Barcalounger. But then that would mess up links and such, plus it might be too much of a giveaway…I dunno, I’m just kinda proud of myself when I thought of that. It made me chortle.

But anyway, TAGS! That’s right, I’m currently undergoing the process of tagging every single one of my comics. It takes a while, but it will help the archive process. You can’t see the tags for the comics on the home page, but on the single pages you can. You can see all the tags for a particular comic, and then you click on a tag and a list of every single comic in my archive will come up with that tag you can see related comics. But also, any comics with the same tags will also show up in the “related comics” section right under the comic on the single pages.

I’m really working to make my archive as extensive and intuitive as possible. When it’s all said and done, nobody will be able to complain about not being able to find a particular comic. At least, I hope. The archive calendar is completed, and I’m still working on transcripts. For now though, I’m focusing on tags. Also it should be noted that before you couldn’t even search via tag. Only by title. But ComicPress is a pretty nifty thing and it has all kinds of cool plugins. The rest is history.

And that’s not all! Thanks to one of my frequent commenters, you now have the option to subscribe to the comments! Basically whenever you post a new comment and you have to enter your name, email address, etc., there is also an option you can check to “subscribe”. That means is you’re subscribed and someone replies to your comment (or if anyone else comments in the same discussion – I think anyway) you get an email notification telling you that. This is particularly handy in discussions that are old and you tend to forget about due to them not being on the homepage anymore. I don’t know for sure if it all works correctly though, since I can’t see all of your emails and whatnot. If anyone sees any problems please feel free to let me know. Also feel free to let me know if it does work! I’m still working on everything, but I’m excited because I’m actually getting my website to something recognizably great. I’m excited anyway.

Also eBay auctions were a success! Again. Also I managed to successfully get my order through for She-Ra and Keldor over on MattyCollector the other day! Lots of people always have problems every month, but I’ve never experienced a single problem. Go me. So yeah, I’m in a good mood today. And speaking of MattyCollector, for my readers who happen to be action figure aficionados, something else that went on sale Tuesday was the action figure pictured on the right. Now I’m all for Lobo as much as the next guy (and I’m not even really a DC fan), but they were selling this thing for $20. That’s twenty American dollars. Each. And it’s a 3 3/4 inch scale Justice League Animated action figure. Again: $20 for a small toy in the same line where every other figure sells for what…7 bucks? AND this thing sold out in minutes. I mean I paid $20 apiece for my two Masters of the Universe Classics figures, but I feel a 7 inch figure with accessories and super poseability is a much better deal. I dunno, I suppose there are just a lot of diehard collectors out there…just thought I’d ask everyone else if they’re as stunned as I am about this thing selling out considering the price.

But back to the topic at hand, I’ll try to keep the blog updated when the comic updates, but sometimes it’s hard since I don’t always have something relevant to say. And when I don’t have anything relevant to say I don’t want to take up space with nonsense. So I’ll try my best, but I can guarantee a new comic every Monday and Thursday. That’s why you guys come here anyway, isn’t it?

Thought so.