Hello friends, it’s the cartoonist here, John.

Um…so here’s the thing. Well actually, let me just start by saying the comic is NOT dead. I still very much have a desire to continue Mint Condition, I’ve just been on hiatus. There have been many reasons for this, and I’ll try my best to collect my thoughts here as well as give you a timeframe to expect new comics.

You all remember months ago when I got swamped with personal stuff that made me cut back on the comics. Well, it kept piling up until I missed a day, then a week, then two weeks, etc. I just couldn’t get a single comic done in any reasonable time, which is what made me start the hiatus. Everytime I thought I was ready to go back I just couldn’t do it. There was one thing or another stopping me, usually some sort of artist’s block, but also the personal stuff I mentioned earlier. Then I got sidetracked with other projects. Many of you know I’m a professional action figure customizer as well, and for some reason I got a huge desire to focus on that for a while, which is what I’ve been doing.

I’ve been customizing and working with that for some time, which financially has been great, but I keep feeling that itch to draw a comic. I just had to get this out of the way first. Not only that, but I’ve been in the process of getting rid of a lot of stuff at my house, namely a large part of my action figure collections from when I was a kid. I have a ton of old stuff and frankly I’m ready to let it go. It’s taken me months to get it all collected together, catalogued, photographed, and then put up for auction on eBay. But I finished it all this past week. I’m also about to slow down on the customizing as well and start writing some jokes and stories for Mint Condition.

The reason it’s taken me so long to give any sort of explanation is because, for one thing I was focused on other things as I’ve mentioned already, but mostly it’s because I just didn’t know how to properly gather my thoughts on everything. I think I was also partly ashamed of myself for letting the hiatus go this long and I just didn’t know how to face you all. I feel like I’ve lost a large part of my fanbase already, but I know for a fact many of the hardcore readers keep posting comments (which I LOVE by the way. Everytime I read them it always gives me a huge boost) and asking questions. To you all I apologize the most for not posting anything for so long.

Which brings me to my next point. Expect more Mint Condition comics as early as the beginning of January. It may not be the first week per se, but early to mid January there will be more Mint Condition. I’m going to start working on some scripts soon and then get back in full form in time to keep making the comics. For those who have given up hope on seeing any new comics I hope you find your way back here. I’ll be putting out some ad campaigns to help gather the fanbase back, but I’m confident all you guys will be back. I sure hope so anyway. You guys are such a huge part of why I do this. I do it for myself as well, for the love of art, but I also love entertaining people. It gives me such pleasure to hear what you guys think of the comic and to know that it makes you laugh. And even if it doesn’t, or even if you hate it I love hearing that as well. I take everything to heart in order to continue to grow and evolve as an artist. So for that, thank you my readers.

Here’s hoping you’ll all come along for the ride with me again. Until then.