Hello and welcome back (finally) to Mint Condition. I can’t apologize enough for the long wait, but it feels good to be back. There are a couple of things I’d like to mention about the site.

I’m making some changes as you can no doubt see. I’m still in the middle of it, but some things you’ll notice are different right away, such as the comic navigation buttons and the addition of being able to “like” any comic or blog post on Facebook, and being able to share any comic on a number of social networking sites. I’m still working on getting Twitter in there, so that should be added soon.

I’m also going to be updating just once a week for the time being, on Mondays until I can get the hang of things again. I’ll change the header to reflect the change.

Also, don’t be too alarmed if you see some style changes in my art. I’m going to be experimenting with different styles until I find one that works best. That’s not to say that the look of the comic is going to change drastically, because it’s not. It will still look like Mint Condition. I’m just going to try out different coloring styles, because the way I do it now takes FAR too long to complete. I need to be able to be quicker, so I’m going to try out different ways of coloring until I’m able to do it quickly and still maintain the level of quality you’ve all come to expect.

I realize many of my readers are long gone and I hope to get them back and many more, so for those of you who are still around, please spread the word on the aforementioned social networking sites. You can also subscribe to the RSS feed on my site if that makes things more convenient for you.

There is also a page on Facebook dedicated to Mint Condition that I made just yesterday, so feel free to “like” it if you have a Facebook profile, and post there anytime you like. It’s basically going to be a fan page for the comic.

As the comic says, I’ll have things cleaned up by next time. I tried updating my wordpress and comicpress files and in the process had to practically rebuild my entire website, but I got the gist of it working again. At least you can see the header and read the comic and blog posts, haha. I use Internet Explorer, so if anyone notices anything wrong on different browsers let me know and I’ll see if I can fix it.

So to recap: I’m sorry, I suck, and welcome back.

Until next time.