Haha, just kidding. But not really.

Anyway, yes today is my birthday. I’m 23 today…woot…

On the plus side, my girlfriend Sarah got my Lego Batman for the PS3!!! My love for Batman seriously knows no bounds. And in case you were wondering if I made it up or not, yes today really is supposed to be Judgement Day according to the Terminator mythos. I thought that was awesome enough to warrant a comic. I don’t know if I’ll be able to update EVERY Monday and Thursday, but I wanted something to go up today for obvious reasons…and it was late in the afternoon. So yeah, I’m definitely going to have something up every Monday and try to have something up on Thursdays as well. If not, please forgive me, I’m trying to get back into the swing of things.

What’s funny about this comic is that this was a quick one, because it only took me a few hours to complete when usually it takes MUCH longer. And yet I still managed to put a lot of detail into it…yeah that’s me holding back…

Also, I have some new customs up for sale on eBay, so check them out if you’re interested and bid often! Like my new Custom Ghostbusters 2 Louis Tully with Bus Driver Slimer!

So anyway, enjoy your day and your weekend and try not to get killed out there!

Until Monday.